Rights and Warranty

What are my rights in case of defects?

At Seeland International A/S we are consistently committed to optimizing our products and help you achieve fantastic hunting experiences. In the unlikely event that your Seeland/Härkila product is defective, we kindly ask you to return the item to the Seeland/Härkila dealer where you purchased it. Please remember to bring with you a valid receipt or any other proof of purchase. Our dealer’s experienced staff will then assist you further.

Is normal wear and tear covered by the warranty?

We manufacture all of our products to meet our superior standards. However, regardless of how carefully you use or how well you care for your Seeland/Härkila product, it might eventually begin to show age and wear. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

Will my product by Seeland/Härkila be repaired, replaced or credited?

If your Seeland/Härkila product fails or is damaged due to a manufacturing or material defect, we will assess whether to repair the item or replace it. If in our sole opinion, the goods you have returned to us are not faulty, we will reject the warranty claim and return the goods to you in the same condition that we received them. If your Seeland/Härkila product has special memories attached to it that make it irreplaceable to you, please let us know in advance. Products that are not clean will be rejected and returned to you, and the return cost will be at your charge. If you have have any questions or doubts regarding this procedure, please contact us.

How long will my warranty return take to be processed?

Your return will be processed and returned to our dealer within approximately three working days from the date we have received the goods. During peak season or if you do not follow our return policy guidelines or if the product fault is not clearly marked, the processing may take a little longer, but in any case no longer than seven days from the date that we have received the goods.

What if the damage/fault is not covered by warranty?

Damage or faults such as rips, tears, burns and holes are not covered under the terms of our warranty policy. We understand that even the best cared for Seeland/Härkila product can meet with an unforeseen or unexplained accident. Furthermore, in some cases, damage caused by normal wear and tear can be repaired. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information about repairing your product.

I have broken/lost a buckle - my laces are faulty. Can this be replaced?

If your buckle is broken or if your laces have snapped, we will always do our best to replace this for you. Get in touch with your local Seeland/Härkila dealer and give a clear description of the spare part needed. We will then try to find you the best alternative to the original part.

How do I return my faulty Seeland/Härkila product?

By getting in touch with the dealer where you originally bought your product you will receive all the help you need in this process. Please remember to bring with you a valid receipt or any other proof of purchase.


If you have any questions regarding our warranties and customer service, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Send us an e-mail on claim@seeland.com or call us on +45 43 410 410 and ask for the claims department.