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Härkila and Seeland win prestigious awards

Der var masser roser til Seeland Internationals produkter ved Time Inc. Shooting Industry Award-showet 2015, som blev afholdt i Coventry, England.

Two Seeland International products won awards at the Time Inc. Shooting Industry Award show 2015 in Mercure Brandon Hall near Coventry, UK.

The Härkila Pro Gamekeeper GTX 9” leather boot won the category for best New Footwear Product. This is what was said in the speech:

“In an almost unanimous decision the judges voted for the boot that not only looks and feels like the most fit for purpose in the category, but also comes from one of the most respected names in the business. Just ask any keeper”

The Seeland brand didn’t go home empty-handed either. The 2-layer Eton Classic smock won for best New Clothing Product. The judges had this to say:

“It’s an incredibly useful piece of kit offered at an outstanding price. It is easily removable, light, quiet and windproof. As a result it will be useful for almost any kind of shooting, particularly when that inevitable storm moves in”.

Furthermore, the Härkila Lilja Cardigan and the Seeland Lady Woodcock jacket were both shortlisted in the new category, New Ladies Clothing Product.

Read more about the winner and shortlists

shootingindustry pris

Seeland wins prestigious award

Seeland International took 1st prize at England’s greatest and most prestigious hunting show - “The Hunting Industry Award”. The Seeland Estate 18” Vibram 5mm rubber boot won the “New Footwear Product” category based on its superior quality and functionality.

Seeland wins prestigious award

New Härkila website

Härkila is pleased to announce the arrival of the international website - Harkila.com. Packed full of products and information for anyone who hunts and shoots.

Please visit the new site, subscribe to our newsletter and ‘like’ the website on Facebook.


Check it out: http://harkila.com

New Härkila website

Seeland International wins prestigious export award

As a result of our export succes on the Russian market, Seeland International will today receive the Vitus Growth Award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Vitus Growth is a Trade Council collaboration programme for Danish businesses aiming to expand on a global scale and thereby use the growth potential of distant markets. The programme is named after the legendary explorer Vitus Bering.
Seeland International’s collaboration with the Trade Council has lasted 15 months, and during that time we have doubled our revenue and gained shelf and coat hanger space for the Härkila and Seeland brands in more than 50 stores.
According to the jury, Seeland International has furthermore achieved the highest score in these five categories:
• Successful penetration on a selected marked (Russia)
• A close collaboration with the local export advisor
• A thoroughly prepared go-to-market plan
• Excellent communication and cultural understanding
• Active participation in workshops.
The Danish Minister for Trade and European Affairs Nick Hækkerup praises Seeland International for its Russian expansion: ” There is a direct correlation between SME’s export success and job creation in Denmark. Russia is part of the government's emerging market strategy, and it is encouraging to witness how an SME producing hunting apparel dares to invest in new export markets. Seeland International A/S' impressive progress in Russia is an excellent example of how Danish SME exports contribute to the prosperity and welfare in Denmark”.
Managing director of Seeland International Bent B. Rasmussen in return praises the Trade Counsil’s advice: ”The Vitus Growth programme has enabled us to double our number of Russian customers, and we are very proud to receive this award. We have reached our ambitious sales goals and increased our knowledge of the export market, which in turn has made us ready to open a subsidiary in St. Petersburg. An added bonus has been the development of a go-to-market method that has prepared us to conquer new international hunting markets”.

In the picture from left to right Minister for Trade and European Affairs Nick Hækkerup with Olga Moskovchenko and Dan Jallow from Seeland International.
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Seeland International wins prestigious export award

Seeland goes to Italy

Finally the time has come to sell Seeland clothing, footwear and various gear to Italian hunters. This past summer, Seeland International has entered into an agreement with the Italian outdoor and sports distributor Ruri Vivis. Five agents will handle sales of our products. These five agents all come from Aigle’s Italian sales organization, which has been closed down due to company cutbacks. Seeland International sees a large potential in the fact that these agents have previously been responsible for around 300 Aigle hunting and outdoor customers.

With this agreement, Seeland will have a number of attractive showrooms in several Italian cities – Rome, Florence, Bologna, Genova and Treviso. We look forward to this collaboration, which will be officially kicked off next month. 

Furthermore, Seeland International’s plans for the future include selling Härkila to the Italian hunters.

Seeland goes to Italy

German subsidiary

Danish Seeland International A/S has set up a German subsidiary, Seeland International GmbH. On September 1 Seeland International opened a showroom and head office in Herrsching close to Munich. The German branch starts off with five employees and will handle sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Seeland International A/S designs, manufactures and sells a number of recognized hunting brands, for example Härkila and Seeland. With the setting-up in Germany, Seeland International A/S enters a large and growing market for hunting clothing and equipment and a pronounced demand for specialized hunting products.

Bent B. Rasmussen, CEO at Seeland International A/S, says:”At Seeland International we have a very long tradition for developing clothing and equipment for hunting. The German market for hunting is dominated by outdoor clothing, but even though outdoor clothing shares some of the qualities of hunting clothing - such as waterproof membranes and lightweight materials – it lacks the special knowledge required for specialized hunting clothing. An example of this could be pockets; a hunter needs a variety of pockets such as game pockets, radio pockets and cartridge pockets. This – and all the other functional details required by hunters - is what our customers get when they buy products from a hunting specialist such as Seeland International.”

Country Manager for Germany, Lothar Lotterer, is proud to have been given the opportunity to introduce the two Danish hunting brands Härkila and Seeland to the German market: ”With Härkila we have the chance to offer German, Austrian and Swiss hunters clothing and equipment in the very best quality and functionality on the market – with Seeland we offer really good quality clothing at reasonable prices. What the two brands have in common is quality and design developed with a true passion by hunters for hunters.”

In picture from left to right: Andreas Kruse (sales, North Germany) 
Daniel Weh (sales, South Germany) 
Tobias Schmidt (sales and marketing assistant DACH) 
Andreas Schefzig (sales, Austria) 
Lothar Lotterer (country manager, DACH)

German subsidiary

Top 10 supplier

Every year, the Association of Danish Sportswear Dealers in cooperation with the opinion-research institute Experian makes a top 50 list of suppliers for the Danish leisure and sports industry. And thanks to the sale of products under brands such as Härkila, Seeland and Decoy, Seeland International is for the first time placed among the top 10 companies.

Seeland International is the only dedicated hunting specialist on the list and takes the lead over well-known brands such as Adidas, Nike, Newline, Puma and Helly Hansen. Converse Scandinavia is the list’s unrivalled number one.

The list is based on the latest annual accounts from the Danish Business Authority. It has been compiled on the basis of the suppliers’ net profit before any extraordinary items and taxes.


The entire analysis can be found in the latest edition of the magazine ‘SportShop’.  

Top 10 supplier

Seeland wins business award

On Thursday April 25 mayor Hans Barlach from the municipality of Greve awarded ‘Greve Erhvervspris’ (a local business award) to Seeland International A/S.

The price is awarded every year to a local business that has been a large part of creating growth for Greve’s business community. The company must also show financial growth and contribute to putting Greve on the map. Mayor Hans Barlach stated the reasons for the choice of this year’s winner:

“Seeland International A/S has created more than 80 jobs in Greve and is very much a part of creating growth here. We are immensely proud of having a company with such an impressive growth in our municipality”, the mayor said when he revealed Seeland as the winner.

The managing director of Seeland International A/S  Bent B. Rasmussen received the award:

“We are very proud to take home this trophy, and it will certainly be the biggest trophy in our company”, he said with a clear reference to hunting. 


Seeland wins business award

Seeland establishes HR department

Seeland International has recently established an HR department which will be headed by Pernille Friis. Pernille will help ensure that the human and professional development corresponds with the company's growth. A growth which is prominent on both the Danish and the international market.
Pernille joins Seeland from a position with the Danish packaging manufacturer Brdr. Hartmann, where she has been HR responsible for the Danish and European markets. This means that Pernille has gained solid experience with the kind of organizational development processes facing Seeland right now with our expansion on new hunting markets.

HR department

Seeland brings down the Russian bear

- large article on Seeland’s export campaign in Russia

On Friday May 17, Sydkysten Weekend (a local paper) featured a very fine article on Seeland International’s export campaign in Russia. In the interview, our managing director Bent B. Rasmussen talks about our challenges and experience with launching Härkila and Seeland in the vast country, where the market for hunting gear is practically new territory.

Read the article and the interview with Bent here.

Seeland brings down the Russian bear

Our Canadian agent

Jesper Andersen is our agent in Canada and our first sales representatve in North America.

“The relationship with Seeland started in 2006 when I purchased a leather waistcoat and a wool sweater with Windstopper© during a family visit to Denmark. For six years I heard friends and complete strangers praise the look and quality and asked where I got the items. For the same six years I answered ‘in Denmark’ until the penny finally dropped to contact Seeland and explore a business relationship.” A visit in March, 2012 led to concluding the partnership later in the year. The initial focus is on establishing Härkila in the Canadian market. Seeland will follow ‘in a few years’.

 Jesper resides in the countryside of southwestern Ontario with forest being a part of the property. Plenty of wildlife, such as white tail deer, wild turkey, raccoon and coyote are frequently seen and heard. Jesper is primarily a sports shooter and a bird hunter. 

Sales in Canada

Seeland establishes new PR department

Seeland International has established a PR department. John Thorup is our new PR manager and Morten Brockmeyer is PR coordinator.

Together they will handle Seeland’s international press activities and contribute to the development of the company’s two powerful brands, Härkila and Seeland. On top of this, they have been given the task of developing and implementing a social media strategy.

PR manager

John Thorup (47) has previously held a position as PR consultant at Discus Communications and has been a copywriter and concept developer at the ad agencies Relevans, Nybroe and Thorup Communication.

PR coordinator

Morten Brockmeyer (28) has previously been responsible for communication at Dansk  Skytte Union (Danish shooting federation) and a communication consultant with Danmark.

Our new PR department can be reached at +45 26 81 44 84 or jth@seeland.com/mbr@seeland.com

Seeland establishes new PR department