Decoy vignette

About Decoy

Hunting accessories are an indispensable part of a successful hunting day.

We often take this gear for granted, but without your camouflage net, decoys, gun slings, shooting sticks, transport cases, not to mention gun dog gear, the results of the hunt may quickly change.

Among other things, Decoy manufactures decoys and decoy equipment, camouflage nets, transport cases for guns and ammunition and gun cleaning kits.

Under the Decoy name you will also find Decoy Gun Dog, manufacturer of accessories for your dog, and Decoy Archery that manufactures bow equipment.

Decoy takes pride in manufacturing high quality gear - at a good price.

In the development department, heads are put together to come up with new concepts, but new ideas are more often than not formed when gear is tested on hunting trips. This is where a sudden need or a lack of equipment can lead to an idea, which immediately finds its way to the drawing board.